FiZZLeS - the magic scented bath effervescent tablets for bathtime adventure!

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An exciting product which makes bathing a magical and colorful experience for kids!

FiZZLeS are scented bath water colors in the form of an effervescent tablet that dissolves in the bath and colors the bath water.

Directions: Drop 1 tablet into bath water with dry hands. Watch as it begins to FiZZLe and turn bath water into a colorful sea of bath time magic and fun adventure!

Bath Magic’s FiZZLeS Bath Water Colors have been DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED with an irritant score of 0.0!

FiZZLeS are non toxic, safe and made with edible  ingredients. FiZZLeS will not leave behind any residue on skin or bath tub!

FiZZLeS make affordable gifts for every occasion:

  • Birthday presents
  • Christmas presents
  • Easter gifts
  • Add-ins for kids party packs!